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This very special tincture of Valerian was made from valerian root grown in my friend Aaron's garden in West Falmouth, ME. Valerian is known as a "heal-all" for its ability to support healing in a myriad of conditions- nervous energy, stress, menstrual cramps, and supports pain relief. Valerian is most commonly used as a sleep aid.


Valerian is considered an herb of Mercury, the planet of thought and communication. It calms the emotional body and helps balance the light and dark aspects of the psyche. Used by witches during Samhain, it has been used for magical work in dark moon rituals of the goddess Hecate. Drink Valerian to shine light into the dark corners of one's psyche.


contains 75.5% alcohol

Not recommended for those in recovery- Valerian root has addictive qualities.


Valerian Tincture