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Portland, Maine


Contains Passionflower, Lemon Balm, and Skullcap

This formulation is a traditional blend which supports the relief of headaches, especially those caused by excess tension and stress. Take a dropperful every hour or so until headache is gone. For ultimate effectivity, support this treatment by treating yourself to restful activities such as a foot soak or nap.


Skullcap relaxes nervous tension and is well regarded for its power to eliminate headaches.

It induces a feeling of inner calm.


Passionflower is a powerful nervine herb which promotes relaxation and combats cyclical thought patterns.


Lemon Balm is used for stress, depression, and melancholy. Has a delicious flavor on its own. It is associated with the expansive, positive power of Jupiter.


contains 75.5% alcohol

Headache Relief Tincture