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...As above, so below... 

A birth chart (or natal chart) reading takes a look at the sky at the moment of your birth. The birth chart is a blueprint to help you understand the planetary forces that exerted themselves on your person at your birth. The vast expanse of stars and planets echo the vast expanse that exists within each of us. 

I am an astrologer trained in modern astrology and currently in the midst of training as a Hellenistic (or traditional) astrologer. I see the movements of the heavens as omens that describe our individual and collective karmas. Within our specific karma (represented by our birth charts) we have free will. My job as an astrologer is to help people determine according to their own hearts what are healthy decisions for themselves within the context of what the birth chart says about their lives. I also approach the birth chart with humility~ some mysteries are beyond human understanding~ and astrologers are humans prone to fallibility. In every case, your heart is your best guide.


 A birth chart reading is a collaborative process. The birth chart can be consulted according to the issues you wish to discuss surrounding your on life. I conduct readings in the form of a casual conversation. Birth chart readings are often useful in times of transition or when we are at a crossroads in our lives. 

To book a reading, please email swampwitch.reesa@gmail.com